I was born and raised in Peterborough in south-central Ontario, but am now living in Munich, Germany.

My undergrad career began with a focus on physics and math courses, together with teaching placements, as a part of the Trent-Queen's Concurrent Teacher Education Program.  Following my B.Sc. & B.Ed. programs I lived and worked for a year at a grade 7 - 12 independent boarding school, teaching part-time science and working with the students in residence.  I subsequently spent some time travelling and guiding for a Canadian company that specializes in high-end biking and hiking trips around the globe, though my experiences working as a guide were limited to Europe and I primarily guided in France.


My career as a particle physicist formally began in 2008 when I started as an M.Sc. student at Carleton University working on the ATLAS experiment at CERN.  ATLAS is one of the flagship experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), situated on the French-Swiss border near Geneva.  The LHC accelerates two oppositely directed beams of protons to near-light speed, directing them around a 27 km tunnel.  The beams are then made to cross in designated positions such as the centre of the ATLAS detector, where high-energy, inelastic collisions between the colliding protons' constituents help physicists learn more about the most fundamental particles that make up our universe and how these particles interact with one another.  After completing my M.Sc. in 2010 I transitioned into a Ph.D. program, remaining on the ATLAS experiment. 

Throughout my years as a graduate student I was based primarily in three places I was happy to call home: Ottawa, Munich and Geneva.

In 2016 I accepted a postdoctoral research associate position at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich and am now back living in the Bavarian capital.  Our group at MPI is similarly studying the physics of fundamental particles through our involvement with ATLAS.

In my spare time I like to cross-country ski, swim, cycle, and canoe, and in general be outdoors when I can.  I play the piano and guitar, and have been involved in choral singing for a number of years – currently I'm a member of the Münchener Bach-Chor here in Munich (and surrounds).
I can speak, read and write in both German & French comfortably, and in Spanish at an intermediate level.

Photo credit: Steph Bonic (with skateboard, black & white)